You Got This

So I was going to do a post this weekend-but things were kind of crazy, so this post will recap this weekend’s events, and my exciting news from today!! But first…I am loving the frappuccino happy hour from Starbucks-50% off baby!

Light Carmel Frappucino...Tasty!

Now back to this weekend. Tarn came home Friday night. We had dinner with the Pops (my grandpa) and then called it a night. We had a family photo session on Saturday morning. Jeans and a nice top do not mix well when the photo sesh was at a park starting at 10 am when the temp out was like 100! Ok, it was probably like 80, but I was sweating major (and most likely squinting in all of the pics). I needed some air-conditioning  pronto once we got back to the car.


After that, we headed to Oregano’s for lunch-DELISH, and then finished the day with some shopping at Fashion Square. While we were there to shop for Mother’s Day presents, we ended up buying some goods for ourselves. We went to dinner with some friends at the Yard House. While I was tempted to have a drink-they have a million beers to choose from, I decided not to because I knew if I did, I wouldn’t make my 10 mile run on Sunday. It ended up being a late night for us (read: it was only 10:30 when we got home which is super late for us lame old folks). With the alarm set for the crack of dawn 5am, I went out for my 10 miler. It was supposed to be 11, but once I headed out, I knew 10 was all I could get. The first five miles were really good. But all of a sudden it was like my legs didn’t want to move anymore, and I was mentally drained. This was by far the most mentally tough run I have ever had. I don’t know if it was because I was out late the night before, or because I wasn’t properly fueled (I didn’t eat anything before I left-and forgot my GU), or because it was Mother’s Day and not only is my mom in a different state, this was the first “holiday” with my Nan (my grandma). I felt like stopping numerous times, but when I felt like quitting I kept repeating the mantra “You Got This” and kept going. Sometimes I use mantras when I need motivation in a workout, and this one was definitely needed on this run. I’m not sure what it was, but I was dead after 10 miles, and it was all I could do just to finish the run.

Once home though, the hubs made me breakfast and I scarfed it down. Spinach omelet and coffee-YES PLEASE! Sorry I forgot to take the photo until I had almost completely demolished breakfast.


He also made dinner!! I sure am a lucky girl! We enjoyed one of his mom’s recipes before he had to take off. Yes-my stove is from the 1800’s 1960’s or something…don’t judge.

My personal chef

So now onto today. I got in a 4.5 mile run on the treadmill. While it was really cool this morning in AZ, it was pretty windy and wasn’t feeling up to fighting the wind on my run. Treadmill it was. My legs were still pretty sore from yesterday, so after 4.5 miles, I called it a day. While at the gym, I received a call I have been wanting to get for a while. I was offered a great JOB! Now, I can finally put my master’s degree to use, and bring home a paycheck. I mean, being a trophy wife was great and all, but I was getting bored at home all by myself :). I start the 31st, which works out perfect because we are all set to go to Wyoming the 19-27th. Things are definitely starting to come into place. Next week, the hubs and I will be road-tripping it home. I start a new job, and the San Diego RnR half marathon is coming up the first weekend in June. And….when things get tough or I get stressed, I just need to remember “You Got This!”

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Here Goes…

Well hello blog world! So after much procrastination thought, I’ve decided to start this blog. Not only will this help track my workouts, chronicle my training for my 2nd half marathon (and hopefully more to come), but I hope it will serve as an interesting (and hopefully inspirational) journey to at least one reader :). So….here goes my adventure of life and running!!

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